Home Sellers

Home Sellers

One of the smartest things you can do to get your home ready for sale is to hire your own home inspector to go through it before it goes on the market. Doing this will provide several distinct advantages.

Why Choose Us

First, it is likely to avoid surprises, like when the buyer’s inspector proclaims your electrical panel needs to be replaced. By the time the contract price is agreed to, most sellers have negotiated down as far as they want to go and the buyers have also offered up the most they want to spend, so finding a costly problem at this late stage can send the transaction into a downward spiral.

Secondly, if problems are discovered, you have the time and the ability to either repair these on your own schedule or to disclose them upfront to the buyer, eliminating the possibility that the buyer will demand you make repairs later. If repairing the problem is your choice, you can do so without the buyer looking over your shoulder, second-guessing every decision you make.

Finally, once the buyer hires his own home inspector, you’ll have a good baseline by which to compare the new report. While inspection reports will rarely match item for item, major differences are rare amongst qualified and experienced inspectors. Your home inspector can even become your advocate by looking over and dissecting the buyer’s inspector’s report.

For home sellers, we recommend the same Standard Home Inspection that we conduct for our home buyers. For more details on what we examine during our Standard Home Inspection, please scroll up to the For Home Buyers section of this page.

Before you place your home on market, call us today at 716-432-1287 for a complete, expert home inspection.